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Precise online store

provides the following product list of testing services: Drug and alcohol testing, Laboratory and Forensic tests, Monitoring devices, Tests pregnancy and ovulation
Choose whatever you need: drug and alcohol test for your teens, children, spouse, and employee's; drug and alcohol testing for personal use or use on enterprises, at medical, educational and municipal institutions; drug tests for employee and employer testings.

We guarantee - efficiency of tests for any situation you may find yourself in, - easiness to use, - quick results, - complete confidentiality for you when ordering and delivering goods!

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Now that you are on the pages of our store you have a pleasant chance to choose what you are looking for among a great variety of announced supreme quality testing products!
In we proffer an extensive range of tests, testing supplies and test kits for home and workplace of highest quality which are comfortable to use and secure only accurate results!

All the testing supplies are produced by reliable and respected companies in this brunch of industry and are approved either by a respectable organizations and agencies or FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) – that’s why you always get only correct results for the crucial matters you are testing for.

What and for whom offer? supplies a vast plenty of home and laboratory tests for individuals, parents, spouses, all kinds of companies and businesses, as well as government and non-profit establishments.

Presented at instant single urine drug tests, for example, can instantly detect and measure such figures as presence in organism of barbiturates, nicotine, tobacco, opiate, ecstasy, etc. Beside quick and accurate results as a benefit you get total confidentiality – as far as results you see instantly! So with our tests you can test your teenaged or college student children to prevent in time drug abuse among them and have a drug free home environment. By reason of caring of their children parents can also use Saliva drug tests and Alcohol saliva tests.

For home use by spouses and individuals in we offer: Fertility tests – such as various instant Ovulation and Pregnancy Tests, Infidelity Test Kits which are to help you in planning your future; various Disease tests (HIV testing, Urinary tract infection tests, etc.) for health conscious individual users and those interested in self health testing; Monitoring devices to immediately measure blood pressure, temperature and other vital parameters.

Besides, offers a plenty of drug testing for the workplace and testing services to businesses - laboratory based as well as instant. Laboratory based drug testing and Forensic Tests are crucial to prevent workplace accidents and provide a drug free working environment.

In we can help you satisfy all of your testing needs!